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CMS plugins

If your site is based on CMS from our list, choose ready-to-use modules for integration


The fastest integration method.

Convenient and simple form.

The payment form has the highest security level based on  PCI DSS 3.2 level 1 international standard.

Payment system integration for your site without redirecting to an external resource.

Branding and customizing ability.

Try to make test payment

Mobile SDK

Convenient and reliable modules for light integration


Strength, simplicity and elegance in several code lines.

// Java
ApiCommandFacade apiCommandsFacade = new ApiCommandsFacadeImpl(
  new MerchantCredentials("2096", "qwerty")
PaymentRequest paymentRequest = new PaymentRequest.MobileBuilder()
// Payment Response
PaymentResponse paymentResponse = apiCommandsFacade.requestPayment(paymentRequest)
// Payment Status Reponse
PaymentStatusReponse paymentStatusResponse = apiCommandsFacade.checkPaymentStatus(
  new PaymentStatusRequest(1228221L)
);// PHP
require_once 'Frame.php';
require_once 'CallBack.php';
$frame = new AMpay\Frame( 'mk', 'your unique token' );
$frame->setView( '750', '750', '0', 'auto' );
echo $frame->getFrame();
$callBack = new AMpay\CallBack;
$callBack->handleCallBack('keyword to check the sign');# Ruby
require arsenalpay_api_sdk
API = ArsenalPayApiSDK
api_commands_facade = API::ApiCommandsFacade.new
payment_request = API::MobileBuilder.new(
   payer_id: ‘123456789’,
   recipient_id: ‘123456789’,
   amount: 12.5,
   currency: ‘RUR’,
   comment: ‘Just a comment’,
# Payment Response
# Payment Status Response
status_request = API::PaymentStatusRequest.new(transaction_id: ‘12345’)
api_commands_facade.check_payment_status(status_request)# Python
import arsenalpay_api_sdk as API
api_commands_facade = API.ApiCommandsFacade
payment_request = API.MobileBuilder(
  payer_id = '123456789',
  recipient_id = '123456789',
  amount = 12.5,
  currency = 'RUR',
  coment = "Just a comment"
# Payment Response
# Payment Status Response
status_request = API.PaymentStatusRequest(transaction_id = '123456')
api_commands_facade.check_payment_status(status_request)// JavaScript is WIP

Low level protocol

The most flexible integration approach will succeed big companies needs.
We designed wrappers for seamless integration with our payment system.

Individual approach

In special cases, when methods, listed above, are not affordable for you, 
contact us and we’ll develop API to fit your needs.

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