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Accepting online payments for internet business
Quick integration. Simple and best pricing

Bank cards, mobile balance, e-money
Card saving, subscriptions for any billing model
Embeddable payment widget for desktop and mobile

Accepting payments from anyone and anywhere

Payment widget on your web site
Easy. Quick. Perfect

Our payment widget is easy to embed on any web page
After registration you get unique widget token
Integration can be started immediately

Simple pricing

2,6% charged per a successful payment.
No hidden and subscription fees.

Convenient integration

Our team developed ready-to-use modules for saving your time and money, when you can just focus on your business.

Reliability and security

Our company has  PCI DSS 3.2 level 1 certificate – the highest standard of security in payment industry.

Methods to accept payments

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • MIR
  • МТС
  • Мегафон
  • Билайн
  • Tele2
  • Ростелеком
  • Яндекс.Деньги
  • QIWI Wallet

Saving Cards

Saving the card at the first payment. Every next payment could be done in one click without requesting customer's card details.


Accepting regular payments. It will help your business collects in time a subscription fee, recurring payments or top up customer's account before the money runs out.

Split payments

Funds are split between multiple recipients. Marketplace accepts funds from customer and holds them in reserve before paying out recipients, only after a deal has taken place.

«AlianceTelecom, the biggest provider of telecommunication service in Primorsky Region, in association with ArsenalPay presents reliable payment method according to international standard of PCI DSS payment card information security. Paying for high speed Internet service and digital television, our customers can be sure in essential security and fraud protection.»
«While developing the online shop for our federal furniture chain stores, we looked for the best partners and found that ArsenalPay was exactly the proper one. We had pleasant cooperation. They work extremely fast and we could embed the online payment system for our web site pretty quickly.»
Azbuka Mebeli
«Zuma is the best Russian restaurant in 2014 according to Tripadvisor. For their menu Zuma’s chefs were choosing the best of the best dishes for some years. In that very same way Zuma restaurant chose ArsenalPay for its simple integration, reliability and client-centered approach. Every day ArsenalPay helps Zuma customers to enjoy pan asian cuisine.»
  • Aliance-Telecom
  • Azbuka Mebeli
  • Zuma
  • Business
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you will get unique widget token
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